Interactive Media Designer

Artist or Computer Geek?

I may know my way around most computer software, but I am first and foremost an Artist. My natural talents and creativity bring a new look to web design and multimedia.

My Talents

On this site you can view my digital portfolio, read about my skills, experience, and education, and learn a little bit about me. Trying new things, whether subject matter, mediums, or style is my largest motivation. My artistic style is typically illustrative and realistic. My strength is reproducing a real looking image and a clean and professional design.   I’m not just a designer, I can program too.  I really enjoy trying new code and techniques to enhance my projects.

My Education

I am mostly self-taught, with formal training in Fine Art, Commercial Art, Graphic Design, Web Design and Interactive Media. I have studied at the University of Indianapolis, Purdue University, The Art Institute of Atlanta and The Art Institute Online. I graduated with a BA in Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2007 with a 3.9 GPA.

My Personality

I enjoy roles that allow me to generate and expand ideas, develop insights, and share expertise. In approach, I am consultative and agreeable. When managing, I diagnose the problem and give my input. When getting things done, I am informed and self-directed.

Software and Scripting Languages

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive and Imageready version CS

Adobe (formally Macromedia) Flash and Director version 8

Adobe (formally Macromedia) Dreamweaver and Fireworks version 8


CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL

Joomla, OSCommerce, Open Realty, phpBB2, and more...