Reef Trader Community

Project Overview is an online Marketplace for individual hobbyist and Vendors to sell their Marine and Reef Aquarium products and services and an online community for hobbyist to share their knowledge.

This was an ongoing project I worked on while in school that was constantly being improved and revised based on new skills, technology or programs. I am including each major phase of the project to allow you to see the progression in my design and programming skills.


Overview of Reef Trader Forum

My most recent upgrade for my Reef Trader site is the incorperation of Dynamic content driven by a MySQL Database using the PHPBB2 Forum basecode and the PHPCA Mod to seamlessly combine both a forum and classified ads board to the site.

New Features
  • Password encryption
  • Unlimited forums and posts
  • Private or public forums
  • Powerful search utility
  • Unlimited members
  • Personal profile creation
  • Email-like private messaging system
  • Supports local, remote and uploadable avatars
  • Administration Center and Moderator features
  • Comments system
  • Charge for adverts using PayPal (coming soon!)
  • Built in image functionality allows uploading and resizing of gif, jpg and png files
  • Automatic expiry and renewal chasing
  • Unlimited categories, sub categories and adverts
  • RSS Feed

Overview CSS design

This upgrade for my Reef Trader site was a huge design overhaul. The new design is created using only CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). I have also included a FLASH menu, enhanced both the Logo and the main tank image as well as structured all of the site. The content will come in the future and will be database driven just like the registration and Login forms. The site features improved typography, composition, and functionality.

Overview PHP site

This site features Registration, Login and Contact forms created with PHP. This redesign of my origional Reef Trader design features an updated look, new logo, and content reorganization. New edditions int his upgrade included: PHP Registration Form, PHP Log-in Form, PHP Contact Form, PHP scripting, and Flash animated menu.

Overview HTML site

This is the origional site created in HTML. This is one of the very first sites I made and is pretty basic, but it's nice to compare it to my newer work to see how the project has evolved. It's really hard for me to look at it and not want to take it down and improve it!