Banana Republic Redesign Proposal

Purpose of Redesign

The purpose of this redesign is to make the home page more user friendly based on currently established web design standards. The homepage of your site is your company's face to the world. Potential customers will look to your company's online presence before doing any business with you. Complexity or confusion will send your customers away. Your homepage needs to communicate what users can do on your site and why they should care about your site.

Proposed changes to the home page

#1 Move Company name/Logo to a more noticeable location on the page. (Above content and navigation to area that now holds 3 scrolling promo’s)

#2 Primary Navigation should be highly noticeable and have visual hierarchy over other navigation.  Move navigation to top of content (remove logo and shopping cart) so that navigation fits across the entire top and so that the multi-word links don’t take up multiple lines.

#3 Main graphic animation featuring two new styles is very large and takes up most of the content area.  Reducing it’s size will allow for more content.  The graphic’s file size could also be reduced by separating the text from the animation and would allow more freedom with the layout.

#4 The featured content on the page is three links, one to women, one to petites and one to men.  These links take you to the summer style work line.  More content could be put on the home page than just this one line, for example they are famous for their chinos.  I also think that compositionally it would look better on the right instead of the left to give the logo and navigation more contrast/weight.

#5 For each of the proceeding examples, take the user directly to that line rather than to a category (such as women) and make them hunt for the line.  Since the site is broken down first by gender and then they can choose a line, include a link to mens and womens of that line so that they can go directly to the featured item.

#5 Some important content is lost at the bottom of the page because it is not clearly part of the sites navigation.  Giving these links (customer service, store locator, BR CC, gift cards) and (about should be given more priority and the corperate gifts section should not be included on their public site.

#6 Keep the home page URL simple, it should be simply

#7 Site only works on certain browsers.  Pre-Tiger versions of Safari are unable to view the content as well as several other browsers.  A site that is targeted only to work on the most recent browser is excluding a very large part of your audience. Take steps to make the site work on more browsers.   Right now, if your browser is not supported you are given an error message, links to upgrade and are not able to access the site.  If your determined to keep the site as it is then at least offer a link to a more browser friendly version of the site.

#8 The home page should not have the field to enter your email address and then be submitted to a registration page.  Allow the user to go to the registration page and see what is being requested and read any important descriptions before giving their own personal information.

#9 Break shopping cart info up to cover across linearly, opposite of logo.

#10 remove icon from shopping cart, it is not recognizable as a bag or replace it with a more recognizable icon and remove text reference link that states (bag)

#12 don’t make site content look like banner ads.  Replace and resize the sweepstakes promo and move them below featured content.

#13 Gift card link at bottom is repetitive since it is also located under gifts.  Remove link.

#14 Change about GAP.Inc to about us.

#15 includes all support related info in customer service link (store locator, BR credit card.

#16 combine terms of service and privacy policy into on link.


All the images used in the redesign proposal were taken directly from the Banana Republic site to visually illustrate points. This was a student project to propose the redesign of an existing home page.