Ruthie's Imagination, Clean-Up Time

Project Overview

Clean-Up Time is an Interactive Storybook that will features a new and original story with new characters that bring an overall message to the reader of “Being a big kid” and doing things “by myself” and incorporate many educational project goals intended to help the reader with school readiness. Experts agree that when children come to school ready to learn, they are much more likely to succeed in later school years and become responsible and productive members of society. School readiness is much more than just what children know and this product will contain educational goals as well as encourage early reading skills, social skills and language development. The most important aspect of the project is the effective delivery of these project goals and teaching the child. This product is intended to help the parent and child get ready for school as well as entertain the child, encourage beneficial behaviors and get the child comfortable with using a computer. This product will be on a CD-ROM or DVD but can also be incorporated into a website.

MAC Version, Ruthie's Imagination, Clean-Up Time (13.4 MB)
PC Version, Ruthie's Imagination, Clean-Up Time (14.46 MB)

Educational Objectives

Skills to be developed
  • Word recognition
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Learn early reading skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Computer familiarity
  • Spatial relationships
  • Causal relationships
Encourage Reading skills
  • Activities focusing on letters and their sounds
  • Activities to help child recognize rhyming sounds
  • Words highlighted as the story is narrated
  • Capture child's interest in reading.

Product Features

  • Clicking on characters allows the reader to hear them speak or make a sound effect.
  • Rolling over objects or characters will animate them
  • Animation will recreate lift a flap book style with objects that are movable (Clothes, Books and toys will all be movable)
  • The reader can click on words and sentences to hear them read (most of the objects will do this. To hear the name of an object, hear it's sound, or the letter it starts with depending on the task)
  • The reader is given periodic choices to decide what happens next in the story (the reader can decide which task to do between the three games)
  • Hints and directions will appear as text bubble coming from the puppy character during the story.

Interactive activities within the story

In the story, Ruthie needs to clean her room. The reader will help to clean the room by doing different tasks when asked.

They will sort objects in the room by:
  • Alphabet
    The books need to be put on the shelf in alphabetical order. The shelves are labeled with the right letter. Books are all over the floor. The reader must click on the book, which makes the book say the letter it starts with. The reader then drags the book on the right letter on the bookcase and clicks to put it on the shelf. The bookshelf game features Worman Sherman, who is concerned about putting the books in just the right place.
  • Colors
    The dresser will come to life and ask the user to feed it a certain color. The Reader must find the article of clothing on the floor and put it in the dresser.
  • Word Recognition
    Storage bins are labeled with the name of object that belongs there. When the reader clicks on the label they will hear the word. The reader matches the words by dragging the right object to the right bin.
  • Coloring Pages
    As a reward for completing the story, the child and parent can print coloring pages of the stories characters