Swing Kids Wanted Prototype

Project Overview

This project is a prototype design for a computer based training program about Swing Dancing. More information and screen shot's coming soon. “The language of swing is still spoken today by a number of talented latter-day jazz musicians and modern swing bands. In the mid 1990s renewed interest in swing music was fueled by a swing dance resurgence of the Lindy-hop and jitterbug swing dances.” Swingmusic.net Swing dancing is something that has seen great popularity over the last ten years with everything from nightclubs dedicated solely to the genre to national championship dancing competitions. We’ve heard hit songs on the radio, seen swing bands in movies, and I know you’ve all noticed the swing music in commercials. (Remember the Gap commercial?) But it really goes much deeper than that. There’s an entire culture out there of people who either love the music, love the dancing or love the americana and retro culture. To further understand this culture this program will teach you how history plays a part in modern day swing and how that history’s culture has been modified to what is considered modern swing. It will cover language (the lingo), fashion, (the look) music, (modern and original), where to look for places to dance, Dance moves and dance floor etiquette.

MAC Version, Swing Kids Wanted (64.54 MB)
PC Version Swing Kids Wanted (64.17 MB)
Prototype Features
  • Introduction to the CBT
  • Intro Animation
  • An introductory page (welcome screen describing the course)
  • The main menu
  • One Section Overview (History Overview and video presentations)
  • One complete lesson within that section The History - Lesson 3 – Neo-Swing
  • Introduction (Neo-swing overview and video presentation)
  • Content presentation (text, music, video, graphics)
  • Practice opportunities (links to band sites, music, and text, audio and video interviews)
  • Feedback (links to swing communities, discussion threads, organizations and clubs)
  • Assessment (interactive trivia game)
Multimedia Features
  • Graphical Interface and Icons
  • Interactive Menu's
  • Flash Animations
  • Audio (music and interviews)
  • Flash Video (links to Quicktime and WMV video)
  • Links to external media
  • Interactive Trivia Game

Neo-Swing Interactive Trivia Board Game

The interactive trivia board game is an assesment tool used to test the student to see how much they have learned and reinterate the material. The student can compete with themselves or other players. Each player can not go on tot he next move until the question is answered correctly and the first onw to the last space wins. Students can visually see where they are in the game so they know how they are doing and every player will eventually get a perfect score. This game is geared to cover material in the prototype. The projects design calls for various games and quiz assesments throughout the program. You can also access it throught the prototype.

Load Shockwave Trivia Game