Digital Art Tutorial

This project was created for an Advanced Image Manipulation class. It consist's of ten pieces of work created during that course and tutorials on how to create each of them, to include annimations, text effects and a panorama.

MAC version, Digital Art Tutorial (9.24 MB)
PC version, Digital Art Tutorial (9.02 MB)
Multimedia Features
  • Interactive Menu's
  • Animations
  • Sound Effects
  • Hyperlinks
  • Quicktime Movie
  • Panorama image with scrollable viewing
Tutorial Features
  • Using a Layer Mask to blend two graphics together
  • Create a navigation bar with rollovers using one PSD file
  • Animating with layer opacity and position
  • Optimizing Graphics and Photographs for video
  • How to create broadcast graphic animation for display on television
  • Stitching images together to create a panorama
  • Creating a text effect using a Photoshop Action
  • Selecting a different image using a channel mask
  • Wrapping objects with a displacement map
  • Carving a textured surface using a displacement map and glass filter