Interactive Solar System

Project Overview

This project is an demo version of a larger educational program about the solar system. It includes a game called solar scramble where students are given an image of a planet and it's name scrambled and have to correctly type the planets name. You can demo the image gallery by viewing a large panoramic image depicting each planets size in relation to each other. Also included is a trivia game that gives the students interesting facts about each planet matching the facts with the image of the planets before the planets name is revealed and a video of the solar system's formation. The CD-ROM presentation was created as a demonstration to be sent to teachers and parents interested in having custom made lessons created. This demonstration is part of the astronomy collection.

MAC version, Interactive Solar System (3.54 MB)
PC version, Interactive Solar System (3.31 MB)
Multimedia Features
  • Interactive Menu
  • Sound Effects and Music
  • Educational games
  • Quicktime Video
Project Features
  • Solar Scramble game (unscramble the names of the planets)
  • Solar Trivia (Who am I game with important facts about the planets for hints)
  • Solar System Panorama that shows a comparison of the sizes of the planets)
  • NASA video that explains the formation of the solar system