White River Garden's Butterfly Exhibit

Project Overview

This project is a promotion to increase public awareness of what the White River Gardens has to offer. The project focuses on the annual butterfly exhibit and includes a video promotion, a website and a CD-ROM interactive promotion.


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The website is targeted for people who may be interested in what the White River Gardens has to offer and have come to the site from the main site or through a search or link from events going on in the area. The website is not as extensive as the CD-ROM and is geared to be viewable by any internet user with a quicktime plug-in.

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The CD-ROM presentation was created with the intention that it would be mailed out to current Garden Members, sent upon request and available at the White Water Gardens Gift Shop. The CD-ROM Presentation contains more detailed information than the website about the exhibit specifically and the Gardens. It also offers a large assortment of images and animations.

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