Multimedia and Web

The multimedia and web section contains interactive educational games and computer based training programs, Animations, Audio, Music and Video projects. Website Design and Developement projects using HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS to implement dynamic web sites and database driven content using industry web standards.

:: Websites

The website section contains everything from screen designs to fully-functioning sites. Many of the sites include Cascading Style Sheets, Javascripts, PHP and multimedia elements. You can read details about the projects, view screen shots and load site demo's.


The CD-ROM section contains training programs and marketing promotions created to be distributed on CD-ROM's. These projects were created primarily with Macromedia Director and contain a large amount of Flash. You can read details about the projects, view screen shots, download executable demo's and view media examples.

:: Animation

The animation section contains Flash and Gif animations.

:: Video

The video section contains both Flash and Quicktime Video projects, including video interfaces, video editing, and video production.

:: Audio

The audio section contains music recordnings and story narratons.

:: Other Multimedia

This section contains misc. online multimedia projects such as Kiosk interfaces, online learning games, and interactive presentations.